8 Things Breaking Bad Taught Us About Science

Can you really use beans as a deadly weapon?

Beneath all of Breaking Bad's drama, it's easy to forget that there was a foundation of solid scientific work. Writers and producers of the series involved experts from various scientific fields when putting the show together, and even actual DEA agents were consulted to ensure the meth cooking was reflective of real science. Vince Gilligan advertised for organic chemistry consultants in current scientific journals, these guys were responsible for everything from the iconic chemistry we saw on blackboards throughout the high school Walt worked at, right down to things as subtle as the shine and sparks caused by thermite. From handcuffs to murder, Walt€™s scientific prowess gives him the chance to wiggle out of almost any situation and evade the law. Was all the science Walt used accurate though? After all, Breaking Bad was a hit drama rather than a scientific documentary. Could any of this stuff happen in real life? We take a look back over Walt and Jesse€™s escapades for some answers. Disclaimer: Breaking Bad ended in 2013 and it€™s on Netflix, this article obviously contains spoilers, but you really should have watched it by now. Additional disclaimer: Please don€™t use this information to dispose of bodies, kill people, or synthesise illegal drugs; it€™s not cool.

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