8 TV Characters Whose Wardrobe Was Better Than The Show

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TV is brilliant. In fact it's so brilliant that "Netflix and chill" nights now actually consist of Netflix and chill, rather than putting a dreadful film on and having sex.

But one aspect, that often overtakes the storyline, is the character's clothing. More and more social media accounts are cropping up celebrating the character's wardrobe, rather than the character themselves. Granted the clothes are picked out by a team of stylists after weeks of preparation, but that doesn't matter to the viewer.

This wardrobe-over-character love doesn't end at fiction though, reality TV stars are also up there with some of the most enviable clothing. Remember Kourtney Kardashian in KUWTK with her oversized denim shirt and beanie hat? Yes you do, because it was the best thing that ever happened on that show.

For all the awards being dished out to writers, producers, directors and actors, here's to all the costume designers and wardrobe stylists out there. Because no matter how good a show is, sometimes they're the best thing about it.

8. Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock

Blake Lively

First of all, let's all just take a second to appreciate Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones. Done? Good. Now, lets discuss his wardrobe.

When the first episode of Sherlock aired in 2010, there was a lot of apprehension from the press about how Benedict would play this infamous character, luckily he did it brilliantly, and even more luckily he brought a new edge to the iconic Sherlock Holmes attire.

As the original Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print in 1887, he was a smartly dressed and professional man, and this look has been carried on through the Robert Downey Jr films and onto Cumberbatch's character. One piece of clothing that caught everybody's eye was his knee length coat and oversized collar. Whether it was teamed with a blazer, a scarf or a crisp white shirt and high collar.

This iconic coat, and Cumberbatch's cheekbones, brought Sherlock into the 21st Century and at times had us more excited about what the detective would be wearing in the net episode rather than the crime he'd be solving.

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