8 TV Finales That Left Major Unanswered Questions

When is a full-stop not a real full-stop?

ABCABCWhether it's an individual series final episode or the last ever instalment of your favourite programme, you expect TV finales to wrap up the loose ends of the show all in a neat and tidy bow, hopefully doing so in rip-roaringly entertaining style. Despite those expectations, some finales like to be a little bit more discerning and not simply offer their viewers all the answers on a plate but instead give them something to chew on, refusing to package away all the plot threads or even throwing a spanner in the works right before the end to really draw a reaction and shock the fans. Whatever way they achieve it, these finales are always divisive - some applaud the brave choice of ending, while others berate the loss of a proper resolution - but they are also always interesting, perhaps lasting longer in the memory than those finales that wrap the whole thing up in a bow, put them on a plate and spoon feed the audience. It is far more pleasant to question whether someone is really dead, or what happened next, than to be faced with an impenetrable full-stop, and it channels the eternal spirit that fans will get to see more of their favourite shows that have been cancelled or ended. As this intro builds to its own thrilling conclusion, get ready for a rundown of the TV finales that left unanswered questions. Which ones have been chosen? Don't leave that question unanswered, read on to find out...
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