8 TV Love Triangles That Worked (And 3 That Didn't)

To be or not to be... that is the question.

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Till death do us part. That is how long we like to believe relationships in the real world will last. In television, however, it's a very different story. It's rare for a TV couple to remain together forever, and in order to ruffle a few feathers some showrunners like to insert a third party into a seemingly perfect relationship, just to cause a bit of a stir and keep their viewers interested.

These so-called love triangles can be controversial, but when they're good, they're really good. How many television series have we sat through, hoping and praying that our protagonist will tell their one true love how they feel, but when they finally muster up the courage to do so, they realise that this person is showing affection for another instead? Yes, we've witnessed some absolutely cracking love triangles over the years, and will likely to continue to for many years to come.

However, they're not all to die for, unfortunately. In certain cases, bad writing and implausible affairs have resulted in some shows jumping the shark entirely. These are some of TV's finest love triangles, and the ones that never should have happened.


Stephen Patterson is an experienced writer and reviewer. He's also a TV addict.