8 TV Remakes That Pissed Off The Original Creators

When Simon Pegg is angry, you know you've done something wrong...

Dimension Films/MTV

As with remaking movies, rebooting a TV series is tricky business. Many are doomed before they even start, since fans of the original are so protective of the show and unable to see it working in any other way. Likewise, most are just ill-advised attempts to cash in on the the success of an idea that has already been used.

Sure, some are successful, such as The Office or Shameless, but for the most part the concept of doing a remake isn't going to go well with audiences.

Things get even trickier when you consider how the cast and crew of the original handle their idea being re-used. As this list will demonstrate, few are happy with the results, further driving home the fact that some things just need to be left alone.

The following creators and cast members are just some of examples of those who didn't take to their shows being recommissioned. Whether they were annoyed by the studios, unhappy with the end results or feeling betrayed by the networks, here are eight TV remakes that pissed off the show's original creators.

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