8 TV Shows That Made Dramatic Changes From Their Pilot Episodes

7. The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Was More Sexually Aware

Family Guy Original Pilot

Even some of the biggest shows on the planet suffer setbacks early in their development. The Big Bang theory, for instance, wasn't picked up the first time around as networks passed on its initial pilot made for the 2006-2007 season. Dramatic changes were made to the geek-centric comedy when it was eventually picked up.

There were originally two female leads - Amanda Walsh's Katie and Iris Bahr's Gilda - while Penny was nowhere to be seen. Howard and Raj also didn't feature, but perhaps the most notable difference is Sheldon Cooper's personality.

Jim Parsons' socially inept genius is sexually aware in the pilot. The episode picks up with Leonard waiting for Sheldon to make a deposit at a sperm bank - the idea of the Sheldon we know even knowing what to do at a sperm bank is ridiculous, let alone him being fine with the idea. He's later described by his friend as an "ass man".

Looking back at the unaired pilot after 11 seasons where Sheldon is borderline asexual, this is just bizarre, though it's not the only thing that doesn't quite sit right. Thomas Dolby's 1980s track She Blinded Me with Science is no substitute for the Barenaked Ladies' bespoke offering on the theme tune front.

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