8 TV Shows That Should've Stopped At Season One

These TV shows could have been legendary if they had just quit while they were ahead...

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We all know long-running shows that just need to end already. The programmes that ran out of steam somewhere around season seven but are currently gearing up to broadcast season twenty-six. Some shows falter even quicker, feeling worn out somewhere around their fourth or fifth run of episodes.

And some shows shouldn't have even gotten to season two. To be clear, this list isn't about programmes that were so bad from day one that they should have been confined to the dustbin of television history. These are the shows that gave us incredible first seasons that had both audiences and critics falling in love with them. They told us stories with perfectly constructed beginnings, middles, and endings.

But then they just kept going. We got season two and season three, and maybe even more. But the magic just wasn't there anymore. It's clear that the creators only had a finite number of ideas, but the network wanted more episodes regardless.

And the love that the audiences had for these shows soon turned into disappointment. These are the TV shows that would have been among the best of all time if they had just quit while they were ahead.

8. 13 Reasons Why

Westworld Anthony Hopkins Dr Ford

Sometimes a show is clearly only meant to be one season long, with a well-defined beginning, middle and end. But then the show is a smash hit and so the powers that be renew it for a second season anyway. This is exactly what happened to the teen drama 13 Reasons Why.

The first season had some controversial things to say about the nature of teenage suicide, to say the least. It followed high schooler Clay Jensen as he listens to thirteen tapes that his friend Hannah Baker left behind before killing herself.

By the end of the first series, all thirteen tapes had been listened to and both Hannah and Clay’s stories were brought to a bittersweet close. But the show somehow ran for three more seasons before it finally ended for good.

Some of the “highlights” of episodes after series one include a classmate getting murdered, another one being sodomised with a broom handle and Clay hallucinating the ghost of both Hannah Baker and of the previously mentioned dead classmate.

The show ended up giving us forty-nine reasons why not to watch it.


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