8 TV Shows That Were Terrible (But We Couldn’t Stop Watching)

8. House Of Cards

House of Cards

For its first two seasons, House of Cards was great. It was a game-changing series in a number of ways, from its huge impact on the rise of original streaming content and Netflix as a major player in the prestige TV market, to the ability to attract A-list talent to the small screen. But more than its impact was its quality: for those two seasons, as we watched the rise of the Underwoods, it was one of the most thrilling dramas on TV.

The issue with the show, however, is that it was a dark, daring look at the pursuit of power, charting Frank's rise to Presidency and how he'd stop at nothing to get there, which he eventually did at the end of Season 2.

After that, the show took a dramatic downturn: the storylines were less engaging, the plots stretched out, and the characters became caricatures as the writers needed to give them increasingly ridiculous schemes in order to keep the story moving. And yet still, for the most part, the show remained hugely popular through its first five seasons, despite Season 5 being its nadir quality wise, and eventually wrapping things up - mostly unsatisfactorily - with Season 6, long past its heyday and since overshadowed by the actions of its former star.


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