8 Ways The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Told You That Halbrand Was Really Sauron

7. He Is A Great Black Smith

The Lord of the Rings The Power of the Ring Sauron Halbrand
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Sauron is a brilliant blacksmith or guildsman, not only in the books but also as hinted in the show. The first hint that Sauron has returned is when Galadriel discovered a blacksmith's workshop in the Dark Lord's lair. Later a sword that once belonged to Sauron turned out to be a device to start the birth of Mordor.

The first character details revealed about Halbrand when he and Galadriel first came to Numenor, was that he is a passionate guildsman. When Galadriel wanted to lead an army into the Southlands, Halbrand was content just to stay on Numenor, forging weapons in peace.

It was a subtle detail about Halbrand that could be interpreted as nothing extraordinary. Anyone can have a passion for metal crafts, and any simple villager can learn it. When Halbrand tells the council that he is a skilled forger, it might have just been the words of a cocky man making up tall tales. Curiously, when he landed a job as a guildsman, the reactions of the crowd implied the high quality of his craftsmanship.

It was a carefully planted seed that also doubled as a seemingly mundane talent. It is only in the last episode that we saw how great he really is with metal when he talked to Celebrimbor about how to use a small amount of Mithril to its fullest potential, leading to the creation of the first Rings of Power.


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