9 DC TV Shows That Need To Happen

There's no question that The Question should have his own series...

Though we are still a few months away from seeing the launch of the DC movie universe with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which will see Bats and Supes joined by Wonder Woman (and Aquaman and the Flash and Cyborg and €), their television output has been going from strength to strength for the past few years. Arrow has gone from fan favourite to franchise starter, as it has spawned an equally-successful spin-off in The Flash, with another soon to follow in Legends Of Tomorrow. And let's not forget the burgeoning Supergirl series. Television folk have also began to dive into DC's Vertigo line of comics for mature readers - the past year has given us both Lucifer and Constantine, the latter of which garnered a cult fanbase although it was prematurely cancelled after only 13 episodes. But what is next for the DC TV line-up? A number of the comics€™ biggest hitters are off-limits due to the movies, but there are plenty of other comic characters and storylines with a lot of small screen potential.

Honourable Mention


As previously reported, a Watchmen series is indeed being worked on, with Zack Snyder returning (after his 2009 movie version) to take control of the project alongside HBO. However, nothing has been greenlit at this stage, so it still warrants a mention as a series that really should happen. Rather than trying again to faithfully recreate the iconic Alan Moore graphic novel on screen and putting off a lot of the fans - not to mention its creator - in the process, this show would do better to take inspiration from the Before Watchmen comic prequel series and go back to a time when superheroes were still an accepted part of the Watchmen world, rather than when they are outlawed as in the original comic. Of course, a Watchmen series is only a good idea if the showmakers understand the source material. If it goes wrong, it could turn into something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDDHHrt6l4w

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