9 Most Manipulative Characters In TV History

8. Petyr Baelish - Game Of Thrones

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"There are two sorts of people. The players and the pieces."

Petyr Baelish, better known to fans as 'Littlefinger', is the one character who understands better than any other character, that the Game of Thrones truly is a game. For Littlefinger, there is only the game, and nothing but winning matters. There are no competing interests such as honour (Ned Stark), family (Tywin Lannister), the good of the realm (Varys) or justice (Stannis Barratheon).

Baelish is free to make any move, make any sacrifice so long as he advances himself closer to the iron throne. From humble origins as the son of a (very) minor nobleman, Baelish becomes an important financier for Lord Hoster Tully, works his way up to become an integral member of the small council as Master of Coin, and eventually, as reward for betrayal of the Starks, becomes Lord of Harrenhall, and one of the greatest Lords in the seven kingdoms.

Of course, in later seasons, his plan becomes decidedly less logical, and successful, but this can be attributed more to the disintegration of the quality of the show's writing and plotting rather than being a natural and fitting character arc. When Baelish is playing the game at his obseqious, calculating best, it is truly beautiful to behold.


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