9 Problems With The Walking Dead Nobody Wants To Admit

The zombies should be scary, shouldn't they?

The Walking Dead Rick

Even with a steep drop in ratings, The Walking Dead is one of the most popular and celebrated shows on television. Sitting pretty atop the current renaissance of TV dramas (despite, somewhat paradoxically, being a genre show -€“ what with all the zombies -€“ compared to the usual serious business crime stuff like The Wire and The Sopranos), The Walking Dead is almost unparalleled when it comes to viewership, fandom, and critical notices.

People bloody love The Walking Dead. And who can blame them? It's a pretty good show. It's one of the first long-form attempts at telling a zombie story, breaking out of the usual undead ghetto to identify the ongoing war of attrition between humans and walkers, chronicling the toll that particular battle for survival takes on the the living.

There's high stakes drama, the unfurling of the worst sides of mankind, and plenty of gore. Also: eyepatches. The show is far from perfect, however. It never quite matches up to the standards of its AMC forebears Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Sometimes its attempts at drama miss the mark. Dale was super annoying. Here are ten other such problems with The Walking Dead nobody wants to admit.


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