9 Reasons Why We Love New Girl's Nick Miller

Continuing the battle for sitcom-supremacy, Nick Miller is a shining example of how to write a consistently-brilliant character.

We€™ve all been there, when faced with the insurmountable and almighty task of churning out words for our editorial-overlords under a vast approaching deadline, we€™d much prefer to stay planted on the settee all day watching TV. In fact, there are times when we€™d rather just €˜panic moonwalk€™ away from our journalistic responsibilities altogether. That€™s because there€™s a little bit (or in some cases, a lot) of Nick Miller in all of us. One of TV€™s most identifiable characters, Nick - basking wondrously in surly realism - is the true breakout character of New Girl. So much more likeable than the flashy, Patrick Bateman-in-waiting that is Schmidt and a mite more nuanced than the undernourished Winston, Nick€™s world-weary cynicism makes him the perfect foil for the wide-eyed innocence of Zooey Deschanel's downright €˜adorkable€™ Jessica Day. The Ancient Greeks derived their idols from mythology. Aspiring musicians will cite Lennon, Dylan and other such luminaries as their biggest influences, and first-year University-posers will proclaim that Che Guevara is the ultimate pin-up, but our hero is someone whose humility and believability resonates with every fibre of our lazy beings. Here€™s to you, Nick Miller. No one gets angry at one-way doors with quite as much grace and commitment as you do. Read on for more reasons why this turtle-faced, law school-flunking barman should be treasured and adored.

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