9 Reasons To Be Excited About Arrested Development Season 5

Take these elements, throw them into Season 5, and baby - you've got a stew going.

Whether you thought Season 4 of Arrested Development was "a huge mistake" or you "prematurely shot your wad" while watching it, there can be no doubt that Netflix's recent announcement that it has commissioned a fifth season to air in 2016 is exciting news. There are few comedies as utterly hilarious and self-referential as Arrested Development, and any opportunity to expand on its characters and innumerable in-jokes is more than welcome! There were certainly problems with the fourth season, and it probably didn't quite match the high points of the original three seasons, but there was definitely more than enough there to suggest that a fifth season could be a huge success. Plus the inventive narrative structure suggested that Mitchell Hurwitz and his team certainly haven't run out of innovative ideas as yet. This article lists just 9 things that it would be great to see in the new season. Some are little issues that cropped up in Season 4 that a new series would undoubtedly be better off without, some are little in-jokes or references to characters that deserve more exposure, and some are simply answers to questions that came up at the end of the previous season. It'll certainly be exciting to see what tricks Hurwitz has up his sleeve this time. Sorry, not tricks - "illusions".


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