9 Reasons To Watch ‘Todd & The Book of Pure Evil’ Tonight on SyFy

Canadian import ‘Todd & the Book of Pure Evil’ legally reaches our shores tonight, finally...

Canadian import €˜Todd & the Book of Pure Evil€™ legally reaches our shores tonight. The comedy horror series began as a short film directed by showrunner Craig David Wallace in 2003, before being picked up for a pilot and following series in 2009 by Canadian channel €˜Space€™. The show follows Todd Smith, a student at Crowley High, and his €˜Scooby Gang€™ consisting of his best friend Curtis, brainy scientist Hannah and the object of Todd€™s affections, Jenny. Crowley High was also founded by Satanists and is the current home of a cursed Book of Pure Evil that€™s a lot cheekier and more airborne than €˜The Evil Dead€™s€™ Necronomicon. The Book grants wishes to the distressed and troubled students of the high school, but they each go horribly wrong, leading to murder and bloodshed, in hilarious ways. Todd€™s gang do whatever they can to try and stop the book, whilst an evil guidance councilor wants to harness its power and rule the world. Not sold on it? Here are 9 reasons you should start watching tonight.

1. Creature Feature

The series is packed with monsters, puppets and creatures that would have given the teenage Sam Raimi a boner. From a monster made from a bullied girls excess fat to a giant talking penis that makes you turn to stone when you look at it, every week is a monster mash. And it€™s all shot practically, no CGI! This adds to the nostalgia, which brings me to my next point.

2. The Nostalgia

The show can be easily compared to the early seasons of €˜Buffy€™, and rightly so. But I like to think of it more like the product of €˜Buffy€™ having sex with €˜Scott Pilgrim€™ whilst every €˜80s horror movie watches in the wardrobe. There are also elements of classic shows like €˜Goosebumps€™ and €˜Are You Afraid of the Dark€™ mixed with the potty mouth of Kevin Smith.

3. Chris Leavins

Leavins plays the school€™s guidance councilor (which is what he is) and series villain €˜Atticus Murphy Jr€™, who is under orders from a group of Satanists who live in a retirement home to retrieve the Book of Pure Evil. It€™s one of the strongest comic performances in any TV show on right now, up there with characters like €˜Ron Swanson€™ and €˜Abed Nadir€™, and there€™s much to explore, particularly how he loses his virginity to a wolf.

4. The Casual Drug Use

Todd and Curtis are massive stoners. The show already knows their key demographic too well. Unlike other shows that usually condemn a character who gets high, Todd embraces it, and is even the source of some of the shows best jokes. Not to mention the basis of the episode €˜Invasion of the Stupid Snatchers€™ which basically has all of Crowley High stoned and horny; €˜Do you wana make a bay-bay?€™

5. The Blood

I€™m pretty sure one episode of Todd has more blood than an entire season of €˜True Blood€™.

6. Jason Mewes

Fans of Kevin Smith films will be pleased to see Jason €˜Jay€™ Mewes as janitor Jimmy, Todd€™s €˜Mr Miyagi€™ and mentor. Jimmy is regularly found getting high/laid in his office when Todd is in need of advice. He€™s also ready with a mop in hand when the gang have made a bloody mess, €˜Whoa! I haven€™t seen this much blood since that kid bled out his ass this morning!€™

7. The Musical Episode

€˜The Phantom of Crowley High€™ is undoubtedly one of the first seasons strongest episodes, like Glee for metalheads, but unlike Glee in that it€™s actually good. Todd, Jenny and Atticus put on a metal musical whilst Curtis is caught in a love triangle with Hannah and Charlotte. The episode won a Gemini Award (Canada€™s BAFTA equivalent) for €˜Best Ensemble in a Comedy Program€™ and rightly so. The music and lyrics of this episode will be stuck in your head for days, as well as the mental image of Atticus spanking Todd and Curtis going to town on a severed tongue.

8. Not just dick jokes, there€™s mystery too!

Many questions are set up in the first few episodes surrounding the motives and origins of the characters, as well as the disappearance of Jenny€™s dad, and unlike LOST those questions will be answered in due course. It€™s enough to keep you intrigued and be confident that the series is leading somewhere.

9. There€™s already a second season! And it€™s bigger and better!

The second season has recently finished airing in Canada to a strong reception, particularly the fan favourite sequel to musical episode €˜The Phantom of Crowley High€™ titled €˜2 Girls, 1 Tongue€™. The show gets increasingly badass and outlandish with the storylines, including an episode where the gang are part of a live action RPG, and one where Todd time travels to the future. The first episode, €˜Todd the Metal God€™, begins tonight on SyFy at 10pm, with the second episode €˜How to Make a Homunculus€™ following at 10.30pm.
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