9 Saddest TV Episodes of All Time

For all those that read my last article (5 Films To Make A Grown Man Cry) you may be wondering why I appear to be writing such depressing articles lately. I don't really have an answer to that question because I myself don't really know for sure. Maybe it's the fact that the summer is now officially over, and Autumn always makes me just a little sad. It is the season where summer dies, where leaves crisp and fall off trees, so I always associate this season with death. Then again, it could be because I always hated having to go back to school in September, so maybe my reasonings are much less poetic. Regardless of the reasoning behind me writing these articles, when thinking of the saddest moments from film for my previous post, I kept on coming back to classic TV episodes which made my cry, but as my article was on film, I was unable to include them. This made me sad. I love TV, and there are so many great TV episodes that have made me weep just as much as any film has. In fact, I have to admit, the episodes later on in this list had a huge emotional effect on me, much more than any film I have ever seen. Maybe you won't agree with every episode included on this list, and it is likely you haven't seen them all, but because emotions are naturally a very personal feeling and response to have, what makes me cry won't necessarily be what makes you cry. I obviously haven't watched every television series ever made either (no one has), so if I have left off an episode that should be included, please educate me in the comments section. Without further adieu, here are what I consider to be the 10 saddest TV episodes of all time ranked in order. Have your hankies at the ready...
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