9 Saddest TV Episodes of All Time

7. "The Last One" Friends

Arguably this final episode of Friends (the greatest sitcom of all time) isn't exactly "sad" in the sense that nothing particular bad happens to any of the characters, and pretty much everything that we had been waiting to happen on the show happens- namely Ross and Rachel get together. Yay. But I still find this episode very emotional, and somewhat overwhelming to watch. I think the reason is likely that it is an end of an era. After ten years of loving a program so much, it is difficult to have to say goodbye to a series of characters who have pretty much become your own friends. The previous episode "The One with Rachel's going away Party" was also particularly sad, and these episodes combined together create a weep-fest, emotional roller coaster, and the perfect ending to a great television series. The final scene, as with most of the episodes included in this list is the scene that gets me the most, and is probably the most powerful scene in "Friends" history, and arguably one of the most powerful closures to a show of all time. As Chandler and Monica have completely packed up their apartment in preparation for moving into their first home, the six friends all give them their individual keys to the house they all at once point lived in, and all shared many wonderful memories together in. As they all leave, they decide to get coffee and Chandler asks "Where?"... a sweet joke that if you are not familiar with the series you simply won't appreciate. The real heartbreaking moment however is when the camera slowly pans around the now empty apartment. A perfect ending.
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