9 Secret Episodes TV Shows Don't Want You To Find

TV episodes that were banned -The X-Files, The Twilight Zone & more! 

Beavis And Butt Head

There are so many different people that work on an individual tv show, there just to make it great - no, to make it perfect!

We may only see the actors on screen, but behind the scenes, there are directors, producers, costumers, makeup artists, editors, runners, assistants, to name only a few of the unsung heroes. It truly takes a village!

So with that in mind, it's hard to understand how little things still seem to slip through the cracks. Like an extra standing in front of the camera or a crew member leaving a certain coffee shop cup in the frame for the whole world to see... yes I am talking about you Game Of Thrones!

But we're human, we all make mistakes, so we have to forgive a small blunder that goes unnoticed on set until the hungry masses get hold of it.

What we can't forgive, are whole EPISODES that are just plain wrong! Us fans are very quick to enrage, and so showrunners have gotten into the habit of just making things disappear the second trouble starts brewing.

Because of this, so many tv show episodes have been lost, some for good reason, but others not. So, these are the secret episodes that tv shows don't want you to find.

9. The Twilight Zone - The Encounter

Beavis And Butt Head

The Twilight Zone, while often terrifying, was also a platform in which the creators put forward their two cents on controversial topics. Sometimes it worked, sometimes... it didn't. When it comes to The Encounter, it definitely didn't work out the way they planned.

The episode saw two men, a Japanese-American man named Arthur Takamori and a white WWII veteran called Fenton, trapped in an attic with a seemingly haunted samurai sword. The sword seemed to have mystical powers that influenced the two men to engage in heated arguments and a fight to the death.

The episode could have been great, but the questionable dialogue and an offensive subplot foiled these plans.

After the episode aired, complaints piled in from Japanese-Americans because of the slurs used in the episode and the subplot that described Takamori's late father as a traitor of war that spied on the Japanese navy during the Pearl Harbour attack.

As a result, the episode was removed from syndication.

Where can I find it: The episode can be found on the DVD boxset.


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