9 Times TV Shows Failed To Hide The Passage Of Time

8. Dean Norris Lost Weight Despite Hank Being Bedridden - Breaking Bad

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One of Hank Schrader's (Dean Norris) most pivotal arcs in Breaking Bad is his near-murder at the hands of Leonel and Marco Salamanca (Daniel and Luis Moncada) mid-way through the show's third season.

Though Hank successfully fends them off, he's left temporarily paralysed from his injuries, and so spends the second half of season three and a large chunk of season four bedridden while recovering.

And yet, because actor Dean Norris actually lost weight in real life during production of seasons three and four, we see Hank miraculously become a little thinner while being sedentary in bed for a couple of months, which makes no sense at all.

Given that Hank is effectively depicted as a broken man who needs to be tended to by his wife Marie (Betsy Brandt) throughout his recuperation, it's surprising how physically good he actually looks - especially for a man who is unable to do any exercise for months and gorges on Cheetos (not Fritos, Marie).


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