9 Times TV Shows Failed To Hide The Passage Of Time

6. Matthew Perry's Weight Fluctuated Drastically Between Episodes - Friends

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It's no secret at all that Friends star Matthew Perry fought drug addiction while shooting the sitcom's later seasons, and for anyone bingeing the show this is especially noticeable as his weight fluctuates drastically, particularly during the show's seventh season where he also suffered from pancreatitis.

The most startling physical change occurs between seasons six and seven, as in the season six finale "The One with the Proposal," Chandler (Perry) is more filled-out, only to look considerably thinner in the season seven premiere, "The One with Monica's Thunder."

While Chandler's yo-yoing weight isn't always a massive logical issue given that many episodes are plausibly separated by at least several weeks within the show's timeline, it does create an issue between these two seasons.

Considering that season six ends with Chandler's engagement and season seven begins with the celebration of it, we know for a fact that the episodes took place days apart at most, and yet of course they were clearly shot many months apart.


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