9 TV Shows That Wrapped Up In Ridiculously Bizarre Ways

How do you solve a problem like finales? By completely losing your mind apparently.

Ending a TV show can be hard, especially when there are multiple long running plot lines involved, which is precisely why most of the time, we get a mediocre or outright disappointing ending, with satisfying endings only a rare occasion. And then there are the frustrating non-endings, like cliffhangers or shows that just stop before the end, like The Sopranos, leaving characters' fates in limbo, and fans forever dangling on a knife edge that will never see resolution. To be frank, that sort of disappointment is not particularly surprising: ending anything with a fanbase is a thankless task, and even if you manage to put together a perfect full-stop, someone, somewhere will be frustrated. Then there are times we get finales that are so out of touch with the rest of the show or common storytelling logic that they can only be called "bizarre" or "ridiculous," and are thus much less forgivable. There are of course also shows where the bizarre finale is just a culmination of an already surreal or mind twisting series: they aren't necessarily good or bad, but these endings confuse or tantalize us long after the episode (and the show) is over, as we try to fit all the parts together. To celebrate the weirdest and most wonderful of those endings, here are nine of the most memorable (naturally with a SPOILER WARNING...)

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