9 Ways The Simpsons Could End

Will the end ever be near?


When will The Simpsons end? That's a question that fans have been asking since the turn of the millennium when everyone's favourite animated series took a turn into embarrassed ridiculousness. It feels like every six months or so some story or another turns up with a tangentially-related executive vaguely mentioning the show's end, even though the show itself shows no sign of halting.

Of course, if you ask some fans, the show ended years ago and has been stumbling around a mere husk of itself for two decades (for a very interesting, and incredibly thorough analysis of how things tanked check out this enlightening essay entitled Zombie Simpsons).

But regardless of how you feel, an even more exciting question is how will The Simpsons end? The show has been running for longer than any other scripted prime-time series, and even though there's been a massive quality dip in its latter half (well, two-thirds now), ending it poorly would be a much bigger mar of the series' overall legacy.

So what are the possibilities? Well, here are nine of the most intriguing, from big plot to turns to rather depressing inevtiabilities.

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