ABC's Only Fools & Horses US Remake To Be Re-Named By Fans

ABC have narrowed down the choices to 'Only Fools' and 'Kings of Van Nuys'.

ABC are asking for help selecting a title for their US remake of the beloved British sitcom Only Fools and Horses. In a post on their Facebook page for Modern Family, the network have asked fans to vote on the two potential titles they have seemingly narrowed their remake title down too. The choices are 'Only Fools' and 'Kings of Van Nuys'. Clearly 'Only Fools' is a better title and it is the clear winner in the poll but ABC are seemingly a little insecure on it at the moment. ABC's Facebook post said;
"Modern Family fans - ABC is naming a new comedy series, and they want your opinion. See below for the description and title options."
Little is known about the approach for the US remake of Only Fools and Horses other than the description that has so far been offered;
"Two fumbling brothers are just one scheme away from striking it rich."
Those brothers will be played by John Leguizamo (as Del) and Dustin Ybarra (as Rodney) with a rather intriguing casting of Christopher Lloyd as grandad. The show has been written by Steven Cragg (Scrubs) and Brian Bradley (Happy Endings). A pilot will be shot soon but many are skeptical about the chances of Only Fools & Horses finding an audience in the US. David Jason has suggested the US remake will struggle will some of the fan suggestions on ABC's facebook page exude little hope for the remake, one poster suggesting a possible title as being; "How about Cancelled After 5 Episodes?".

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