Agent Carter: 10 Easter Eggs And References You Need To See

She looks a lot better than she did in The Winter Solider...

Where it maybe took a half-season or so for Marvel to find their feet with their first televisual spin-off of their Cinematic Universe, they've hit the ground running with the second. Agent Carter is everything Agents Of SHIELD didn't quite manage at first: well-drawn characters, works well within the budget, and less reliance on reheated Whedon tropes. Something both shows have in common, however, are the sly way in which they expand on riff on their shared setting. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow with Agent Carter, as it absorbs more concepts, characters and organisations from their comic book source material which could one day turn up in the films too. A lot of the nods and in-jokes in Agent Carter are of a different piece to those in Agents Of SHIELD €“ what with it being set a good sixty years before it, with Peggy working for the early incarnation of the super-secret spy organisation €“ but fans are promised it'll tie into everything from Captain America to the upcoming Ant-Man. How does Marvel's new series connect to Iron Man 2? What major villains does it introduce? And are we getting hints at some more female-fronted series in the future? Here are ten Easter eggs and references you need to see from Agent Carter's two episode series premiere.

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