Agents Of SHIELD: 10 Things That Need To Happen In Season 3

Look, is FitzSimmons going to happen or do we all just need a cold shower?


Having faced up to some accusations and dire ratings, Agents Of SHIELD at last appears to be on the up-and-up. The first TV show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now taking as much as it gets from the comic book blockbusters, introducing characters and concepts that'll be picked up in later movies. That's got people to sit up and pay attention.

That, and the fact that the show's second season improved vastly on the first. There were actual supervillains! And superheroes! And stories! Not just some no-name jabronies in suits and tactical gear (and the guy in the suit Loki killed in Avengers) standing on a California sound stage set being menaced by other people in suits and tactical gear!

Things can only get better, as evidenced by Agent Carter and Daredevil, the shows that followed in Agents Of SHIELD's wake. At this point, most fans are on board with the show, but it still has something to prove. They're watching, now they just need to give them something worth sticking around for; season three needs to be something really special.

How can they keep the faith in their newly-won converts? How about by forging more tangible connections to the MCU, tying up their romantic sub-plots, and putting some honest-to-goodness superheroics on the small screen that make their big screen cousins pale in comparison? However you look at it, there are definitely some commandments that need to be heeded...


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