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almost human karl urban So after five years, Karl Urban is back on the television screen. For those that saw Comanche Moon and are currently twisting in their seats, shouting: don't worry! Instead, take a deep breath and embrace what FOX have to offer this autumn, and with Mr Urban's raised profile after another great portrayal as Dr Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, I promise you that you will at least be tuning in for the first episode of this new series. J.H. Wyman, who most know from the amazing Fringe, but some of us remember even more from Highlander: the series, has come up with a great concept. And the concept is Almost Human. Set in the relatively near future, Almost Human is in its core a cop-buddy TV show, with a massive dose of Blade Runner and a little bit, in my humble opinion, of the magic that made Fringe good. The story follows John Kennex (played by a very grumpy-looking Karl Urban), a cop in a future where every policeman has to have an android as a partner. The androids are driven by logic; basically Vulcans on steroids. Which, as we all know from any intuitive police drama, will not suit the main character. When Kennex's android abandons him to protect those with a statically better chance of survival (yes, Mr Spock), Kennex has to help his wounded friend to safety. And gets his leg blown off. almost human karl urban_edited-1 So Kennex returns to service with an artificial leg and a massive dose of survivor's guilt on his shoulders. Other events happen and John Kennex gets teamed up with a model known as Dorian (Michael Ealy) and we can safely say he is not like the other androids. Really. He looks a lot nicer than the ones shown in the promo. Without giving anything away, the series not only follows the downfalls of humanity but also explores what makes a human. Or perhaps more; what is a soul? There is a good supporting cast attached to this as well, but unfortunately the US will have to wait until November 4 to enjoy watching the pilot. As for the UK and the rest of the world, the wait is even longer. With a great executive producer behind it, J.J. Abrams, and a massive budget we can only hope that it avoids every trap that these sci fi series can fall into. And also, that it avoids the fate that promising and cult-status TV shows (FIREFLY!) had. See below for the trailer and start counting down the days. I have the date firmly marked off on my calendar.
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