Amazon's Lord Of The Rings: Fan-Casting Every (Possible) Major Role

You'll be glad with this the end of all things.

New Line Cinema/WC

When Frodo volunteers to destroy the One Ring in Mordor, he knows it's a role unlike any other and that a great responsibility rests on his small shoulders. The actors selected for the Lord of the Rings series will know how he feels when the much-anticipated program airs on Amazon.

Even fifteen years later, it's almost unfathomable to picture anyone else but Viggo Mortensen rallying the troops as the future King of Gondor. The image of Ian McKellen as Gandalf battling the Balrog remains imprinted on the minds of millions. However, Tolkien's stories have a timeless quality and deserve to be developed further with the help of fresh talent.

For the new series, the casting department should look at the brilliant actors on past fantasy shows and the brightest of today's stars. These artists already have built-in fanbases, but more than that, they've proven that they're capable of transforming Tolkien's literature into first-rate television.

Both the prequel and possible spin-off must possess casts of epic proportions to match the scope of the project. The plots will provide a difficult task for the players since the producers insist they'll be covering unexplored storylines. To embody a well-known literary figure week after week is quite a challenge. Nevertheless, with the right participants, the series can overcome as many hurdles as its furry-footed hero did in the films.

If Elrond were to call another council to choose a fellowship of actors for the series, he would rest easy with these golden picks.


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