American Dad Quiz: How Well Do You Know Francine?

Can you earn the 100% trophy on Wendy Schaal's trophy wife character?


Francine Smith is a forty something, liberal, stereotypical trophy housewife with a troublesome past. Abandoned by her biological parents so they could upgrade their flight tickets to first class, she grew up in a Roman Catholic orphanage before being brought up by her adopting Chinese mother and father. As a result she speaks fluent Chinese and developed a hatred for left handed people.

She is proven to be more compassionate than her conservative husband and yearns the family to uphold moral values. However, Francine is equally hypocritical, selfish and violent as Stan, even more so as the seasons progress. One example being that she steals $50 a week from the family fund to purchase drugs.

Not one to enjoy down time, Francine is surprisingly highly skilled in combat, free running, surgery, motorcycling and can even operate small submarines. All of which is quite worrying, yet amusing, when you consider how mentally unstable she is. The later may be due to the suspected brain damage caused by her other half's constant recklessness and negligence.

This is just a brief summary of Seth MacFarlane's long-running creation but there is obviously more to her. How much can you remember about Wendy Schaal's character?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Francine's Maiden Name (Biological Parents)?


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