American Dad! Quiz: Who Said It - Roger Or Klaus?

American Dad! has run for almost 17 seasons. But do you know which character said these quotes?


First gracing our screens in 2005, this comedy epic created by Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman, is now drawing to the close of its 17th season. Beloved by many, there seems to be no stopping this show, with it even surviving a network change from Fox to TBS, something that often marks ruin for other TV shows.

Although it may not have reached the emotional heights of other animated series, such as Futurama, the show is no less entertaining and full of iconic moments and quotes.

Focussing primarily on the eccentricities of an upper middle class family, the Smiths, from Langley Falls, this TV show is jam-packed with many memorable characters, from the acutely absurd, to the bizarrely normal and grounded characters.

The two most outlandish characters of the Smith household are inarguably everyone’s favourite animated alien, Roger, and his equally unconventional Klaus, a German ski jumper whose brain was transferred to the body of a goldfish.

But do you know these characters well enough to tell them apart? Can you match these quintessential quotes to the correct character?

Test your knowledge here. Answers at the end!

1. Are You Crazy, Pushing Me In The Pool? I Had Forty Hits Of Ecstasy In My Pocket.


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