American Horror Story Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Sarah Paulson's Characters?

Test your knowledge of one of American Horror Story's most prolific actors.

Sarah Paulson American Horror Story

No offence to all the other talented actors who have participated in American Horror Story over the years, but Sarah Paulson really is the backbone of this anthology.

She's appeared in every season bar one, often in multiple roles. (Let's be real - AHS: 1984 was good, but the lack of Paulson was made up for with the triple dose we got in Apocalypse.)

Very few actors have demonstrated the versatility of Paulson across this decade of AHS: she's been a medium, conjoined twins, the Supreme, and a no-nonsense investigative journalist to name but a few. She's got four award wins and ten nominations under her belt just for her incredible work with Ryan Murphy - each character Sarah Paulson has embodied across American Horror Story has been so uniquely different that it begs belief they've all been played by the same woman.

But with this bombardment of roles Paulson has stepped into comes a challenge of its own - simply remembering which Sarah did what and when. Which became an author and talk show host, which went on to a life of politics, and which died at the hands of the Antichrist?

If you can answer those questions off the bat, perhaps you're up for a few more tricky ones on the life and times of Sarah Paulson's AHS characters.

1. In Which Episode Does Billie Dean Howard First Appear?


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