Anime Quiz: Who Said It - Goku, Naruto Or Luffy?!

The quotes are over nine thousand!!!

Goku Dragon Ball Z Naturo Shippuden Luffy One Piece
Bandai Namco

If you were asked to name the most iconic anime protagonists of all time, then it's likely you'd be bringing up these figures from Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and One Piece, respectively. Their long-running shows are a testament to their popularity, and it's easy to look at them as the pillars of the anime medium.

Goku, Naturo and Luffy have transcended their genre and become pop culture icons in and of themselves. So, naturally, they've had some pretty memorable lines along the way. However, with the overwhelming host of episodes they've appeared in, what are the chances that you'll be able to remember them all?

Whether it's wisecracks, inspiring speeches or uplifting lessons, these leading guys have proven time and time again that they've got what it takes to generate iconic quotes. Thus, telling each of them apart becomes tougher and tougher when you think about how similar they are. There are only so many ways you can brag about your power.

If you can decipher the Saiyan from the jinchuriki from the pirate, then you've truly earned the right to call yourself the truest of all anime fans.

1. “Power Comes In Response To A Need, Not A Desire.”


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