Archer: 10 Best Supporting Characters

Literally cramming you full of Woodhouse, Slater and as much Pam as you can handle. Uhh, phrasing?

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If manners maketh man, characters maketh Archer. The hit animated sitcom premiered in 2009 and hasn't slowed down since, introducing an increasingly colourful and diverse cast, featuring cameos from the likes of JK Simmons, Jon Hamm and Jeffrey Tambor, with some even playing fictionalised caricatures of themselves - including Sterling Archer's idol Burt Reynolds.

Across 10 action-packed seasons, Archer has provided us with a 2D viewing experience quite unlike any other. Taking its origins from James Bond and international espionage, the series began following barely functional superspy Sterling Malory Archer (code-name Duchess) and a small, rag-tag group of weirdos at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS).

Since this debut, we have followed the team around the globe, off the globe and even into space, on foul-mouthed, tongue-in-cheek adventures that have introduced us to a gargantuan of cameo, minor and supporting characters - some of whom have stolen the show right out from under Archer's handmade Italian shoes.

With Sterling Archer in a coma, the show has, in recent years, taken a creative license to kill, transporting the team through a variety of exotic locales and eras, from 1940s LA noir to a remote island during WWII. With the tenth season of Archer (Archer: 1999) - an Alien-esque journey into the far reaches of space - released last year, there is no telling what is still to come.


Danger zone, Lana!

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