Arrested Development Quiz: Finish These Buster Bluth Quotes

He should never be seen nor heard...

Arrested Development Buster

Witty American sitcom Arrested Development started in 2003 and initially aired for just three seasons. The show was cancelled due to low viewership before a fourth season could be made. Netflix came to the rescue and saved the series, giving it a further season in 2013. The following fifth and final season wrapped up in 2019.

Regarded as one of the greatest comedy shows of all time, Arrested Development started the careers of many, as well as giving extra life to already existing careers. The series took the interesting format wherein the entire season arc is the main focus of the show, rather than individual stories in each episode.

This format could be partly responsible for the lack of ratings, as the format generally suits being 'binged' over a few days rather than with one episode per week. Regardless, Arrested Development became iconic and is these days famed for its undoubted genius comedy.

One of the central family members, Buster Bluth - played by Tony Hale - makes his fleeting appearances with hilarity, despite being neither seen nor heard. Can you finish the following Buster Bluth quotes?

1. "When I Miss Your Lips, I'll Put A ____ In My Mouth."


A grown up... allegedly