Arrested Development Quiz: Finish These Tobias Fünke Quotes

How well do you know the world's only 'analrapist'?

Arrested Development

Arrested Development follows a dysfunctional family as they deal with corruption within their company. The family is somewhat bizarre to say the least, with half the character's being named the same. For example, Michael's dad is called George, and his son is called George-Michael.

The family, and Michael in particular, has to deal with their father going to prison over some illegal dealings within the company, and then rebuilding both the company and their reputation, with very little help from the rest of the family.

Michael's sister - Lindsay - married a man called Tobias Fünke, with which she had a daughter called Maeby. Tobias is a curious man to say the least. He's a trained psychiatrist but has given all that up to be an actor, something he is not very good at. He's also a 'never-nude', which is exactly as weird as it sounds.

To ace 100% on this quiz you will most definitely have needed to see all 84 unforgettable episodes of Arrested Development and more importantly, know all about Tobias Fünke!

Can you finish his quotes? Let's find out!

1. "I Just Found Out That My Cellular Telephone Was A ____."


A grown up... allegedly