Arrested Development Season 5: 18 WTF Moments

Still as demented as ever.

Arrested Development Michael Cera WTF

The first half of Arrested Development's long-awaited fifth season is available to stream now on Netflix, and while it doesn't quite hit the highs of the show's best years, it's still a signficant improvement over the incredibly divisive fourth season.

Bringing the gang back together for a linear, eight-episode arc, season five's first half is proof perfect that the show hasn't lost its edge, its penchant for deliciously referential humour, or its simple desire to get very, very weird.

There are too many peculiarities to talk about them all, but these 18 WTF moments are the ones that best exemplify the show at its most weird, shocking - for better and worse - and best of all, hilarious.

We missed you, Arrested Development. It's been way too long, but at least fans have another eight episodes to look forward to later in the year. In the meantime, let's rundown the most eyebrow-raising and outrageous moments from the first batch of eight...


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