Arrested Development Season 5: 18 WTF Moments

17. Buster's Terrifying Terminator Hand

Arrested Development Buster Hand

Buster (Toby Hale) also starts the season in hiding, albeit from the authorities who have named him a suspect in Lucille 2's (Liza Minnelli) disappearance.

He also terrifies Michael right off the bat by showing off his decidedly Terminator-esque robot hand minus the skin cover, which even makes comically loud machine noises ("The skin really muffles the sound on that.")

However, Buster hilariously ends up having the robot hand confiscated by the authorities and replaced with a less sophisticated prosthetic...which of course also happens to be black.

Hale said of the hand, "It’s actually a machine. It looks like Terminator. It was weird, because someone else was controlling it electronically!"


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