Arrested Development Season 5 Coming To Netflix This Month

The Bluths are back together.

Arrested Development

Everyone's favourite dysfunctional family is back, with Arrested Development Season 5 confirmed to be hitting Netflix on May 29.

It's been five years since the streaming service revived the cult sitcom with a fourth season which, although ambitious, was ultimately something of a letdown thanks to the inability to get the cast together (something the new remix tries to solve).

There are no such issues with Season 5, which has navigated scheduling conflicts to ensure a more traditional season of the show has been filmed, with the trailer doing a great job of building the hype. The main threads are the family coming back together, for both the Family of the Year award (which they're giving themselves) and Lindsay Bluth's run for Congress.


The trailer is, as you'd expect, chock-full of calllbacks and gags, from the return of George Michael's muscle suit to Tobias blue-ing himself for the first time in years., and it nicely shows off what we can expect when the show returns. It's still early, but it's looking a lot better than Season 4 and, hopefully, a true return to form.


Are you excited for Arrested Development Season 5? Share your thoughts down in the comments.


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