Arrow: 12 Greatest Plots Of The Series So Far

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Television is currently in a golden age for comic adaptations. Some shows are better than others, but none would have made it onto the air if not for the success of The CW€™s Arrow proving that audiences are more than willing to suspend disbelief and tune into some primetime superhero action. Arrow showed that comic TV can be more than just page-to-screen series, and the story of Oliver Queen and Co. has been compelling from the very start. Well, it€™s been mostly compelling. Arrow can be a truly awesome show, but it has definitely gone through some rough patches over the years. When Arrow is bad, it€™s really pretty bad. Luckily for viewers, Arrow is really very good when it€™s good, and there have been certain plots over the four seasons that have aired so far that have really stood out. They range from characters rising above and beyond to the story pulling epic switcheroos to the universe getting bigger than we could have imagined on The CW. There are plenty of plots still in play that could go either way, so it€™s too early to say that some of the Season 4 plots will rank among the greatest in the history of the show. On the whole, however, there€™s no shortage to choose from. Here is a chronological look at the twelve greatest plots of Arrow so far...
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