Arrow Season 4: 15 WTF Moments From 'Haunted'

Lost souls, more Laurel Lance problems, some hard truth for Diggle, and John freakin' Constantine!

Arrow€™s latest outing, Haunted, was arguably the best episode of Season 4 so far. Not only were comic book fans grinning from ear-to-ear at the arrival of Matt Ryan€™s Constantine in the show, but viewers were given an almost horror movie-esque vibe as the unhinged and unstable Sara Lance stalked and terrorised Thea Queen (or is it Thea Merlyn this week?). Added to that, Diggle finds out the unwanted truth about his deceased brother, Laurel Lance again struggles to be a relevant, likeable and interesting part of the show, and Damien Darhk sits in the background pulling strings and, well, being Damien Darhk. Oh, and there€™s a €œtiny€ surprise at the end of Haunted as Ray Palmer€™s reported death has seemingly been drastically exaggerated. All in all, this was another episode laced with plenty of WTF moments, and here€™s the best of the bunch.

15. Canary Strikes

With the previous episode ending with Sara Lance having escaped the shackles of Laurel€™s basement, Haunted picks up the Sara thread straight from the off here, and it€™s done in a beautifully brutal way. Taking down two would-be muggers, Sara goes as far as even slitting the throat of one of them before then turning her attention to the innocent victim of this near-mugging. This instantly shows Sara€™s erratic state, as she babbles something in a random language before fleeing the scene as the police turn up.

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