Arrow Season 6: 7 Reasons Why It's Better Than You Think

7. We Finally Got To See Oliver Be A Father

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Over the course of Arrow's run, we have seen three variations of Oliver Queen: selfish playboy, hardened vigilante and city-helping hero. Season 6, however, introduced us to a fourth: father.

Ever since the reveal (from way back in Season 2) that Oliver had a son, William, we have been waiting for the character to be introduced. After occasional appearances, during which Oliver decided it would be best to stay away from his son, William's mother Samantha was killed by Prometheus in the Season 5 finale.

Season 6 saw the Mayor of Star City take full-custody of his son and it proved to be one of the season's more emotionally engaging stories. Despite his vigilante training and strong public persona, Oliver was completely out of his depth when it came to looking after William in the beginning and thus, had to work hard to gain his son's trust. Though it was a learning curve with a lot of speed bumps, the pair eventually grew close, providing us with many endearing moments.

Though this serious stuff could have done with a bit more screen-time to develop, it was fulfilling to see Oliver get the chance to prove himself as a father after all these years - something he did to the very best of his ability. In the end, he was there for William whenever he was needed and was willing to do whatever it took to keep him safe - and, in all honesty, you couldn't ask for more than that.

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