Arrow Season 7: 4 Ups & 0 Downs From 'The Demon'

When all hell breaks loose, enemies become friends in Season 7's best episode yet.

Arrow S7 Oliver Queen
The CW

Contains spoilers from Arrow Season 7, Episode 5.

Throughout the first few episodes of Arrow's seventh season, we have had to watch as Oliver Queen has endured life behind bars. Ripped from his loved ones and surrounded by prisoners that he was responsible for putting there, it has been a physically and mentally gruelling period for him. However, as we have seen many times already, nothing will stop him from protecting his family.

Similarly, his allies haven't been afraid to show their commitment to the cause either, going above and beyond to track down Ricardo Diaz, with some of them willing to cross the most unimaginable of lines to stop Star City's latest criminal mastermind.

The trend continued in this week's episode as Oliver faced the horrors of Level Two while encountering a familiar face, Felicity once again found solace (and help) in an unlikely source and Curtis helped Diggle delve into the A.R.G.U.S. mystery a little deeper. What it lacked in flash-forwards, it made up for in the present-day narrative.

All in all, 'The Demon' was one of those rare gems that somehow exceeded expectations, furthering the important storylines while providing us with some closure for the old ones. Throw in some genuinely shocking moments, and you have what was undoubtedly the season's best episode yet. Contains spoilers.


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