Arrowverse Crossover: 10 Most Awesome Moments From 'Invasion' (Part 1)

In the wise words of Felicity Smoak, this week's Flash has the "Best. Team-up. Ever!" 

The CW

Warner Bros., Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns, and everyone else involved with building the Justice League, take note: this is how you do a big DC team-up event.

Marvel, Netflix, Jeph Loeb, and everyone else involved with building The Defenders, take note: this is how you pull off a superhero crossover on TV.

While I've plenty of faith in The Defenders, and slight optimism they can still pull off the Justice League, The CW's Arrowverse has shown here how it can be done.

It's not the first crossover they've attempted, with the big team-ups becoming a regular part of the schedule, but it is the most ambitious. With Supergirl now in the fold, it has to encompass four different shows, and multiple heroes and storylines.

It's a credit to Greg Berlanti and all others involved in creating this shared universe that it comes off. It's not perfect by any means (the Wally stuff didn't feel necessary or compelling), but as part one of a three night crossover (the 30 seconds on Supergirl doesn't really count), and as a team-up episode in its own right, it does everything it needs to.

It establishes the threat, brings the heroes together (sort of), and most importantly it's just incredibly fun and comic book-y.


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