Ash Vs. Evil Dead: Bruce Looks Bad-Ass In New Poster

The Starz TV series is hitting all the right promotional beats.

The Evil Dead brand is known for merging scares and comedy, but the latter half of that formula was regrettably missing in 2013's admittedly impressive reboot. That film segued into pure horror territory, leaving the macabre but intentionally humorous underbelly of previous instalments unscratched. That's not going to be an issue with the up-coming Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV series, which just debuted a new poster. Check it out below.

The tone of the TV series is much more in line with 1987's Evil Dead 2 and 1992's Army Of Darkness, blending extreme goofball behaviour back into the mix. It also reinstates Bruce Campbell to the front of the franchise (he appeared very, very briefly in the reboot), as a middle-aged and paunchy Ash. The poster confirms this thing isn't taking itself seriously. After the 2013 effort I'm down for a sillier dosage of deadite smiting goodness, capturing the dichotomy between levity and bloody lacerations that established this series as a fan favourite. When a trailer dropped a few weeks back the internet went crazy, responding very positively to its manic energy and Campbell's one-liners. The poster acts as a more restrained reminder of what's ahead. Ash is back, he's got some new, bedraggled sidekicks and transgression for the sake of belly-laughs is the name of the game. Groovy. Ash Vs. Evil Dead debuts on Starz 31st October.


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