Ash Vs Evil Dead Gets A Groovy Second Trailer

Still "lookin' sweet!"

The marketing team behind Ash Vs Evil Dead have been spoiling us a little of late. Last week we got a new poster for the upcoming TV show, and today they've summoned a second trailer (hopefully not from the Necronomicon!). Check it out below. A lot of what's on show here was also in the longer, July trailer, but the new additions continue to illustrate that Ash vs Evil Dead wants you laughing more than screaming. Bruce Campbell is looking like he could be one of TV season's next big MVPs. Reprising the role of Ash for the first time since 1992's Army of Darkness, Campbell hasn't lost the glib, grinning ways that earned the character iconic status. Much of the comedy looks pretty physical, which should be complicated by Campbell's middle-age (the actor's now 57), adding another potentially very funny dimension to his battle against the undead.
Expect some gore, but mostly giggles when Ash vs Evil Dead commences on Starz on 31st October in the US. The show has yet to find a UK broadcaster, but based on the promising promotional effort, that should be rectified shortly.

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