Babylon 5: 5 Problems The New Movie Will Need to Overcome

The year is 2015, the name of the franchise is Babylon 5.

J Michael Straczynski, the Great Maker himself, recently announced that he intends to reboot cult sci-fi creation, Babylon 5. The original series was a labour of love for the veteran screenwriter, an idea he proposed back in the late 1980s and finally saw come to life in 1993. Babylon 5 was one of the first shows to truly invest in a narrative arc, telling a specific story over five years. Given the nature of TV, Stracsynski built into the plot a variety of €œback doors€ to handle cast changes and studio interference, but amazingly the show lasted for the full five years and even gave birth to spin off shows that, regrettably, never quite managed to capture the fire of the original series. But now that Straczynski has announced his desire to revisit his original story on the big screen, many fans are left wondering just what will happen next. Is Babylon 5 still a marketable property? Can a movie capture the depth and scope of a five year long project? As incredible as the show was, and remains, There may be a few problems with bringing Babylon 5 to the big screen and to a new generation, so let€™s look at five of the most pressing concerns in depth.

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