Ben Affleck directing terrorist drama pilot HOMELAND for Showtime?

It's being reported that US cable network Showtime are close to commissioning a terrorist drama series from writer-producer Howard Gordon (Angel, 24), tentatively titled Homeland. The series would be based on Israeli TV show Hatufim, about three soldiers who return home after 17 years imprisoned in Syria and adjusting to their civilian lives. Gordon's US remake tweaks the premise to revolve around a lone American soldier, rescued from an Al-Qaeda safe house after 10 years, who's returned home to a hero's welcome, only for a female CIA operative to be told by an informant that the soldier's been brainwashed by Al-Qaeda and is planning a terrorist attack on US soil. Howard Gordon:
" combines some of the suspense elements of the thriller genre but it also has a wonderful family drama at the centre of it."
Gordon co-wrote the pilot script with Alex Gansa (24, Entourage) and it's rumoured that actor-director Ben Affleck (Gone Baby Gone, The Town) is interested in helming the first episode, if Showtime greenlight the series. Howard Gordon is certainly going to be busy if Homeland gets picked up, because he could also be co-producing a supernatural procedural for Fox with Ryan Murphy (Glee) next year. This would also be the latest in a trend of US dramas based on Israeli television shows; following In Treatment (originally BeTipul) and short-lived comedy-drama The Ex List (originally The Mythological Ex). What do you think? If Homeland's picked up, is this going to be the new 24?

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