Bet You Can't Name All Of These Buffy The Vampire Slayer Characters

Do you remember all of these characters from the Buffy-verse? Let's find out...

Mutant Enemy

Despite airing it series finale back in 2003, there are still plenty of people obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 144 episodes of vampire slaying action captivated audiences and created legions of fans who still rewatch the show to this day.

Joss Wheldon and his team of talented writers did many things right with the show, but if there's one thing they did exceptionally well, it was not only introduce new characters, but make the fans care about them as well. Even if they had minor roles, they were still remembered. However, with so many allies and foes entering the fold throughout the show's run, how many of characters would even the biggest Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan remember?

We've gone back through the show's many episodes and picked some rare - and not so rare - characters from its epic seven season run. If you're a bit rusty on your Buffy knowledge then consider this your opportunity to give the show a rewatch. We assure you that it's worth it.

However, if your truly believe that when you know this series like it was the back of your hand, then it's time to find out the truth.

1. Who Is This?


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