Bet You Can't Name All These Characters From The Boys!

Characters big and small, but can you name them all?

Amazon Prime TV

The Boys has seen plenty of success on Amazon Prime, and it's easy to see why. Not only is the show compelling to watch, but it makes viewers approach the traditional superhero story in a different light.

As a show with such depth to it, there is a wide variety of leading, supporting and minor characters who make a significant impact on the audience. Some are around a lot longer than others, but the calibre of performances within this series has been consistently good ever since the release of the first season.

With this plethora of characters, The Boys is a great show to test your knowledge on. The amount of detail that goes into the series is expansive, and therefore learning everything about it is a challenge. For those who have a good memory for names and characters, the show is an excellent opportunity to learn and test your memory.

With all of that in mind, are you able to tell us the names of each of these characters from The Boys? Some will seem easy, and others will have you scratching your head trying to figure them out.

1. What Is This Characters Name?


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