Bet You Can't Name All These Family Guy Characters!

How well were you paying attention to these secondary Family Guy characters?

Consuela Family Guy

Ever since its inception on 31 January 1999, Family Guy has been blessed with a plethora of entertaining, layered, and diverse characters.

Aside from the main Griffin family and their extended relatives, you've got the Swansons, the Browns/Tubbs', the Quagmires, the Goldmans, the students at Adam West High School, Peter's co-workers, the workers at Channel 5 News, the list goes on. Seth MacFarlane's beloved comedy has been no short of these sorts of characters. What about those lesser-known names, though?

Every great show needs to have a cavalcade of supporting characters that may only make meaningless appearances throughout the show's history. Take The Simpsons for example; Hans Moleman is rarely ever shown doing anything of note, but because of the way he's used to always be suffering some sort of unfortunate fate, it's made him a cult favourite.

Family Guy is no different. Some of their recurring characters are typically only shown during some sort of gag rather than as part of a proper storyline, yet, they make such an impact in that appearance that it provides them with a regular spot because of the reception to them.

How many of them can you name, though?

Answers at the end!

1. Who Is This?


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