Better Call Saul: 10 WORST Things Jimmy Has Done

Think Saul Goodman was bad? Jimmy did it all first...


With one season left to go, we’re all excited (and so anxious!) to see the final steps it will take for Jimmy McGill to fully transform into Saul Goodman.

On Breaking Bad, Saul was the overly enthusiastic, quick-witted, sleazy lawyer, who seemed to have all the legal loopholes and dubious connections needed for Walt and Jesse’s problems close at hand.

In contrast, on Better Call Saul we see Jimmy - the proto-Saul - a struggling lawyer who wants to do good and prove the world wrong. And yet, we know that inside him is a showman and trickster spirit that guides him into taking shortcuts to get what he wants.

To put it bluntly, Jimmy McGill is a very morally grey character and logically, his actions are not easily separated into good and bad. Instead, we as viewers find ourselves rooting for Jimmy to succeed no matter what, and only when it’s too late do we realise we were cheering him on for his selfish gains.

But what were the worst of those misdeeds?


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